What We’ve Heard So Far: Survey and Events

From March until August 2020, Tucsonans shared their vision for the city’s mobility future. Over 4,500 people participated in the online survey from all areas of the city.

Through these responses, we’ve heard that Tucsonans want

  • Roads, streets, and paths that provide safe and connected access for all modes.
  • Better ways to travel across town
  • Safety improvements for all modes, particularly for those walking and biking
  • Investment in the existing network through maintenance, improving access for persons with disabilities, and closing network gaps 
  • Increased options for how to get around
  • A transportation system that works for the Tucsonans who face the greatest mobility challenges 
  • Transportation options that support a sustainable city

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When asked which mode of travel should be prioritized on Tucson’s roadways


support a balanced transportation system that meets the needs of all modes of travel.

A balanced transportation system provides for all modes—balancing financial investment, allocation of space, and levels of service for all users of Tucson’s streets, not just those using motor vehicles. Consistent with this vision, participants identified that Tucson’s priorities should be:

When thinking about what types of projects to prioritize, participants indicated high importance for nearly all categories.

Tucsonans want to…

  • Improve safety of roadway crossings for people walking and biking (68%)
  • Improve safety of all roadway users (61%)
  • Repave Streets (53%)
  • Build more sidewalks that are fully accessible to those using wheelchairs (61%)
  • Improve traffic signal timing and coordination (54%)
  • Build safer, more connected bikeways (52%)

When asked how they would spend limited resources on transportation projects, respondents chose to prioritize roadway maintenance and public transportation.

If Tucsonans were spending $25 on transportation, on average, the project distribution would be:

$7 Roadway Maintenance

$5 Public Transportation

$4 Biking

$4 Driving

$3 Walking + Rolling in a Wheelchair

$1 Shared Modes (Uber, Lyft, taxis)

$1 Shared Micromobility

How you get around

While most people drive for their daily trips today, many want to walk, bike, or take the bus each day. Conversely, fewer people want to drive each day, compared to how they travel today.

What change is needed?

Most participants (51%) said they would walk more if it were safer and there were more destinations nearby, while 55% indicated they would bike more if it were safer and there were better infrastructure. Nearly 50% of participants would use public transportation more often if service were more reliable and routes were faster.

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How can we make this change? 

  • Biking: Better infrastructure and improved safety
  • Walking: Improved safety and more destinations nearby
  • Public Transportation: Improved frequency, reliability, and route coverage

What do these results tell us?

Tucson has the opportunity to dramatically shift how the City invests in transportation and how people get around each day. There is a clear desire for increased choice, increased safety, and increased investments in the infrastructure we already have.